» » The nine most expensive meteorites that hit the Earth

The nine most expensive meteorites that hit the Earth

The nine most expensive meteorites that hit the Earth

For many hundreds of years, people have been fascinated by heaven, and especially objects that periodically fall from heaven to earth.

Modern scholars know that in ancient Egypt, people very much appreciated the metals contained in meteorites that fell to the ground, and even used them to make jewelry.

Until the 40s of the last century, meteorites were mainly stored in museums or scientific institutes. However, starting in 1946 pieces of these objects that were bought by enthusiastic collectors began to be sold in America, putting their collections on public display.

These space objects are bought and sold, often at space prices.

Below we will talk about the most expensive meteorites that were sold.

9. The meteorite Gibeon

This meteorite was discovered in 1836. According to scientists, it fell to Earth about 500000 years ago. It was first discovered by the Nama tribe, which used separate pieces for the manufacture of weapons and implements. The estimated cost of the meteorite is € 280000. 3-3-360.

8. Meteorite Zagami

This meteorite is considered the largest ever fallen to Earth. In 1962 a farmer from Zagami, Nigeria was nearly killed by this meteorite, landing just a few meters from it. Part of the meteorite was sold at a price of more than € 278000. 3-3-360.

7. The gift of al-Ghani 1058

The meteorite Dar al Ghani became the most expensive meteorite, which was auctioned. Its cost is estimated at € 281000. This meteorite was found in Libya in 1998.

6. Meteorite Chelyabinsk

This meteorite fell on February 152013 as a result of the deceleration of a small asteroid in the Earth’s atmosphere. The fall of the Chelyabinsk meteorite was accompanied by its destruction with the propagation of a series of shock waves over the territory of the Chelyabinsk region and part of the neighboring regions of Russia and Kazakhstan.

Many fragments were found in the Chelyabinsk region. The largest of the fragments, with a total mass of 654 kg, were raised on October 162013 from the bottom of Lake Chebarkul. The meteorite is estimated at € 336000.

5. Springwater meteorite

A meteorite was found in 1931 in Saskatchewan in Canada. The largest piece weighing 52.8 kg is stored in the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

This meteorite is considered one of the most desirable for collectors. Its value is estimated at € 511000.

4. Meteorite Conception Junction

This meteorite was found in 2006 in Missouri. Researchers believe that he was once part of an asteroid orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. Its value was estimated at € 724000. 3-3-360.

3. Meteorite Willamet

The meteorite weighs more than 15.5 tons and is the size of a small car. Several parts of it were broken off.

This meteorite is the largest meteorite ever found in the United States of America, as well as the sixth largest meteorite in the world. It was discovered in Oregon. Its value is estimated at € 851000.

2. Brenham Meteorite

The bulk of the meteorite was discovered in 2005 in Kansas. Its value was estimated at more than € 896000.

1. Meteorite Fukan

Fukang meteorite was found near the city of Fukang, which is located in the northwestern part of China. In honor of this city was called a meteorite, which is sometimes called the cosmic gem.

50% meteorite consists of an iron-nickel base and 50% of olivine. The total weight of the meteorite was more than 1000 kilograms. The meteorite was divided into several pieces, which were put up for auction. The total cost of the meteorite is estimated at € 1.7 million.

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