» » The Russian Lunar Station may not take off due to an advantage of

The Russian Lunar Station may not take off due to an advantage of

The Russian Lunar Station may not take off due to an advantage of

The first device in the history of modern Russia, which is planned to be sent to the moon, according to experts, may be too heavy to launch. Due to the preponderance, by decision of the Council of the RAS for Space, the list of instruments that is part of the payload of the airborne crew will be reviewed and a list of instruments that may not be able to go to the satellite’s surface will be compiled.

The launch of the Luna-25 spacecraft, scheduled for October 12021 is the first spacecraft to go to the surface of the Moon in 1976. It is planned that after 10 days of flight, the station will gently lie on the surface near the south pole of the moon.

Specific information about what caused the preponderance was not provided, however, back in 2018 it was reported that lifting equipment, which was developed and developed by specialists from Europe, was criticized by Russian specialists because of the excess of the permissible weight for this design.

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