» » In the USA, they are developing a new seismometer for the Moon

In the USA, they are developing a new seismometer for the Moon

In the USA, they are developing a new seismometer for the Moon

NASA was the first to know that our satellite is seismically active. Thanks to the astronomers of the Apollo mission, who installed several special measuring stations on the surface of the satellite at different points of the satellite. From 1969 to 1977 a huge amount of information was received, including 12 thousand tremors caused by seismic activity and meteor strikes were recorded.

To date, the United States is developing a new model of a seismometer, which, as conceived by the creators, should go to the moon, and in perspective, to other satellites and planets of the solar system. It is planned that this device will become one of the representatives of innovative technologies that are planned to be used in the future Artemis program. The technology will allow to study in detail the internal structure of the moon from the surface to the core itself.

The team of specialists developing the SUBLIME seismometer is trying to create a model that can be installed on any surface not only by an astronaut, but also by a rover or, for example, a commercial landing module. In the future, the creator of the device plans to create a whole network of devices on the satellite’s surface, this will help future moon colonizers to be aware of the satellite’s seismic activity and to study its geological structure in detail.

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