» » The Lunar Flashlight satellite will search for ice in

The Lunar Flashlight satellite will search for ice in

The Lunar Flashlight satellite will search for ice in

NASA posted on its website the details of the Lunar Flashlight demo mission. A small cubesat satellite, the size of a backpack, will explore Lunar Craters to search for ice in them.

The satellite’s operating principle is simple, it will illuminate the surface of the moon and dark craters using infrared lasers, the radiation of which is well absorbed by water molecules. An on-board reflectometer will analyze the reflected radiation and, based on it, draw conclusions about the presence of ice on the surface.

The Lunar Flashlight mission demonstrates NASA’s new technological capabilities that can be used in new missions and, most importantly, will help in future exploration and landing on the moon, because in order to build a base there and send astronauts to it, water is needed, and you need to be available 100% confident.

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