» » Russian scientists have proved the possibility of life on Mars, Venus and Europe

Russian scientists have proved the possibility of life on Mars, Venus and Europe

Russian scientists have proved the possibility of life on Mars, Venus and Europe

Scientists from the Space Research Institute conducted a series of experiments that prove the possibility of life in the form of microorganisms in the atmosphere of Venus, in the ice of Europe and on the surface of Mars. The information became available after the publication of the report for 2019 which was posted on the institute's website.

To confirm the theory of the existence of microorganisms in the conditions of the Venusian atmosphere, conditions similar to those in the upper atmosphere on Venus were created in the laboratory. As the "test subjects" used microscopic fungi - micromycetes. They were able to survive at low temperatures, high doses of ionizing radiation and high blood pressure, all parameters were similar to Venusian conditions.

When modeling Martian conditions, microorganisms from the Arctic and soil bacteria of the Mojave desert were used, they were also affected by low temperatures and high radiation background, a change in the pH of the medium, and the presence of a large amount of salts and oxidizing agents. Such exposure did not result in significant damage to the bacteria.

The Institute’s specialists also assessed the possibility of preserving a hypothetical microorganism life in the ice of Europe, the satellite of Jupiter, if they are ejected from its icy ocean. They irradiated bacteria that were frozen in ice at a temperature of -130 degrees Celsius and subjected to high pressure comparable to that in Europe. After studying the results of the experiment, viable bacteria were discovered.

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