» » Scientists have learned that it spins the atmosphere of Venus

Scientists have learned that it spins the atmosphere of Venus

Scientists have learned that it spins the atmosphere of Venus

The interplanetary probe "Akatsuki" was able to find out why the atmosphere of Venus moves much faster than the planet itself. The culprits of such a big difference in speeds were the waves, which are formed due to the temperature difference, which is formed on the border of the night and day sides of the planet.

In order to find out the causes of the phenomenon of superfast rotation of the atmosphere, which was discovered back in 1960 a new technique was developed for observing various clouds and waves in the planet’s atmosphere and their influence on it.

The superdense atmosphere of Venus consists of carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid heated to superhigh temperatures, which move 60 times faster than the planet itself, which causes ultrafast winds, the speed of which can reach 500 km /h.

As soon as the Japanese apparatus reached the orbit of Venus, he discovered giant waves on the surface of the planet, which stretched for tens of thousands of kilometers. Under Earth conditions, such waves are formed due to the difference in relief, but on Venus there are no mountains or depressions. Specialists studied the possible options for the formation of such waves and came to the conclusion that they are formed on the border of the day and night hemispheres of the planet due to the large temperature difference between them. Due to the fact that the heated, daytime, atmospheric layers are constantly transferred to the cold night half, the flow of atmospheric gases is constantly accelerated.

The study of such planetary features can help in obtaining new information about the structure and composition of the atmospheres of distant exoplanets.

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