» » The first Chinese mission to Mars was called

The first Chinese mission to Mars was called

The first Chinese mission to Mars was called

Today it became known the name of the first Chinese mission aimed at the study of Mars. In order to find a name for China’s first own research mission, an international competition was launched back in 2016 as a result more than 36 thousand applications were received, after which, according to the results of voting on the Internet and using a special jury, eight options were selected for finalists, and today On April 24 when the whole country celebrates Cosmonautics Day, the final winner was announced.

The mission was called the work of the great Chinese poet, Cai Yuan "Tianwen-1" or translated as "Questions to Heaven" and it symbolizes, according to the Chinese themselves, the main features of the whole nation - perseverance, the search for truth and a constant study of nature and the universe.

The launch of the new mission is planned for August 2020 and if everything goes smoothly, then in March 2021 specialists will be able to get the first data from the probe. The mission plans to start with the launch of the Changzheng-5 launch vehicle, which will launch the probe into the desired orbit, then the device will reach the orbit of Mars and land on the planet’s surface. It is planned with the help of the Tianwen-1 mission to obtain new information about the composition of the atmosphere of the red planet, its magnetic field, to study the relief and geological characteristics of the planet's surface.

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