» » Probiotic bacteria will help astronauts withstand

Probiotic bacteria will help astronauts withstand

Probiotic bacteria will help astronauts withstand

During an experiment that was conducted on board the ISS with probiotic bacteria, substances were found that will help a person withstand cosmic radioactive radiation.

It is already known that after a week of astronauts in space, their microflora composition changes, pathogenic bacteria living in the gastrointestinal tract begin to show the greatest activity. Scientists decided to find a solution to the problem, or at least minimize the harmful effect of such bacteria on the astronaut’s body. For this, the astronauts grew lactobacilli on board the ISS — living bacteria capable of combating the negative influence of pathogenic bacteria.

During the experiment, it turned out that by-products of metabolism were succinic salt and lactic acid, which increase the body's resistance to radiation. Sour-milk products grown on board the station have a high probiotic potential, which is even higher than that of samples grown on Earth. According to scientists, such a reaction of bacteria can be associated with an increased radioactive background in space, as a result of which they adapted and began to produce more protective substances.

The samples have already received the name “ProbioSpace”, and according to experts, this product can be used as a preventive product for a long time in outer space and, for example, in interstellar flights.

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