» » NASA talked about the lunar base

NASA talked about the lunar base

NASA talked about the lunar base

It is no secret that the US authorities have big plans for our natural satellite. So one of the ideas is the construction of the Lunar Base at the South Pole of the satellite.

Artemis Base Camp, which is what the U.S. Lunar Base project is called, will consist of three parts. A manned lunar rover that can transport astronaut colonialists over short distances, it will be designed open, so the astronauts will have to be in it in a spacesuit, a mobile living platform designed to stay on the road for up to 45 days and the main module itself, in which they can simultaneously live up to 4 people.

The base is calculated to be equipped with equipment that will help ensure its autonomy - power generation, communication, including with the Earth, landing site, container for the disposal of waste, including radioactive waste.

The report also touched on the idea of a base located in a lunar orbit, which can become a home for astronauts not directly involved on the surface of the Moon, and it can also become a staging post on the way to Mars.

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