» » OSIRIS-REx will rehearse sampling from asteroid Bennu

OSIRIS-REx will rehearse sampling from asteroid Bennu

OSIRIS-REx will rehearse sampling from asteroid Bennu

Already in August of this year, it is planned to complete the first ever NASA landing on an asteroid, collect soil samples and safely deliver them to Earth. In order for the mission to complete successfully, the OSIRIS-REx mission specialists have developed completely new methods for operating the spacecraft under microgravity conditions of the asteroid.

In order to cope with the tasks, specialists need to gain experience in controlling the device in the new conditions. And for this it was decided to conduct a kind of rehearsal of the landing, or rather, the device will conduct a series of preparatory activities for landing.

On April 14 a team of specialists will conduct a flight under the name "Control Point", which will bring the spacecraft to a minimum distance to the asteroid Bennu above the Solovey landing pad, which will allow the team to test in real conditions the first stages preceding the collection of soil samples.

It is planned to use three engine starts, just as it was planned during the actual landing of the device. All manipulations will be done at an altitude of 125 meters above the surface, later the “Match Point” maneuver will take place, which will take place already at an altitude of 50 meters.

Such a rehearsal will allow the team to check the ship’s navigation, the speed of the ship relative to the space object, with what accuracy surface images are formed and to clarify the distance of the ship from the asteroid itself.

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