» » Russia has created artificial intelligence that develops thinking skills

Russia has created artificial intelligence that develops thinking skills

created a unique computer game that allows you to evaluate the speed of decision-making by the player and his ability to predict the situation.
Russia has created artificial intelligence that develops thinking skills

A unique computer game that allows you to evaluate the speed of decision-making by the player and his ability to predict the situation was created by scientists of the Moscow State Psychological and Pedagogical University (MGPPU). According to them, the development will also serve as a specialized simulator of these skills. This was reported in the press service of the university.

Modern methods for the study of cognitive abilities involve not only measuring the skills of counting and logical thinking, say the Moscow State Pedagogical University scientists: the system they developed is also able to assess the quality of forecasts and decisions made in rapidly changing conditions.

In the virtual space created by the university’s specialists, the player is confronted by many active opponents. Their behavior is controlled by artificial intelligence based on a complex mathematical algorithm. The goal of the player is to “eliminate” all opponents in a limited playing field.

"Based on the theory of Markov random processes and nonlinear optimization methods, we have developed procedures that allow not only fixing the correctness of the subject’s actions when solving problems, but also analyzing his behavior," explained the head of the laboratory of quantitative psychology at the information technology center for psychological research at the faculty of information technology of Moscow State Pedagogical University Pavel Dumin.

According to him, artificial intelligence adapts the game process to a specific subject, observing his strategy and generating situations of such complexity that will give the most detailed picture of the real level of development of his skills.

The authors note that the game is in fact also a means of testing and training the abilities needed by operators of complex automated systems - such as sapper robots or air monitoring drones.

“The difficulty in developing such psychodiagnostic tools is the accumulation of large empirical data for the correct adjustment of adaptive procedures. So far, we compensate for the missing data on testing people belonging to representative groups using mathematical optimization,” said Pavel Dumin.

Further tasks of the research team are preparing the system for implementation in educational practice, as well as developing software elements based on the created artificial intelligence that increase the viability of automated systems in emergency situations.

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