» » Scientists have created a climate model on Mars to prove its uninhabited

Scientists have created a climate model on Mars to prove its uninhabited

Scientists have created a climate model on Mars to prove its uninhabited

Scientists from the Southwestern Research Institute, together with specialists from the Space Research Association and the University of Arkansas, conducted a simulation of the Martian atmosphere to prove the inability of our usual lives in salt water accumulations on the planet, this helped dispel fears about possible terrestrial pollution of the Red Planet ecosystem .

The developed model will help to predict where and when saline water solutions will be at a shallow depth and in a stable state. As the initial data, information was used obtained from the surface of the planet and devices exploring the atmosphere of the planet. According to preliminary calculations, about 40% of the planet’s surface can reach the lower limit of the limit for life, temperature -55 ° C.

The experiment showed that under Martian conditions, fresh water does not behave stably, however, some saline solutions can exist for about 6 hours in the territory from the equator to high latitudes, this range is much higher than previously thought. Such models will help in future work on the transformation of Mars in order to create suitable living conditions on it.

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