» » NASA will once again launch the X-37B shuttle with a secret load of

NASA will once again launch the X-37B shuttle with a secret load of

NASA will once again launch the X-37B shuttle with a secret load of

The X-37B mini-shuttle will be launched into orbit on May 16 this year using the Atlas-5 launch vehicle in order to conduct a series of experiments in space, including two of which will be in the interests of NASA.

This will be the sixth flight under the X-37B program and the first with the use of equipment for conducting experiments and measurements in space. Also within the framework of this flight, the FalconSat-8 satellite with a payload directly for the US Air Force will be launched.

During the planned experiments at NASA, they will study the effect of radiation in and other space factors in flight on seeds, and will conduct tests to convert solar energy to microwave, intended for transmission to Earth.

The X-37B spacecraft was developed by Boeing and since 2010 has made 5 flights lasting from 225 to 780 days. All flights were carried out in the interests of the US Army, the last flight ended in October 2019 then the shuttle launched three American satellites of unknown purpose into orbit, all the information received during the flights is classified.

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