» » In Hollywood, they plan to remove the blockbuster on board the ISS

In Hollywood, they plan to remove the blockbuster on board the ISS

In Hollywood, they plan to remove the blockbuster on board the ISS

The director of NASA announced the possibility of filming a new adventure film with American actor Tom Cruise aboard the ISS. According to him, the popularization of space through such projects will inspire new generations of scientists and engineers to translate NASA's ambitious plans for space exploration.

SpaceX will also take part in the painting. Today, this is almost all the known information about the film. Information on the participation of large film companies, the name of the film, and even the production deadlines are not disclosed. It is known that according to Deadline, this film will not be part of the franchise of the cult films Mission: Impossible. It was also noted that although the statement looks rather blurry, the project is real, it is just in the early stages of development.

Part of the film’s filming process will take place in Earth orbit, this is the first such experience. According to some close associates, Tom Cruise is one of the few actors who goes to such bold experiments to achieve realistic scenes in the film. If everything succeeds, he will become the first astronaut actor.

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