» » UAE Martian apparatus sent to launch pad

UAE Martian apparatus sent to launch pad

UAE Martian apparatus sent to launch pad

The Martian spacecraft Nadezhda, built in the Emirates, was sent to the Tanegashima Space Center for final verification and preparation for launch. The start of the mission is scheduled for July 14 of this year, and arrival on Mars in 2021.

The purpose of the mission is to study the atmosphere of the planet, to study weather cycles, including how they change in different regions of the planet and their dependence on the season. The mission will let you know the exact reasons for the drastic climate change on the planet and how it loses gaseous hydrogen and oxygen.

In order for the mission to succeed, there are solar panels on board the device, each of which is capable of delivering up to 600 watts of electricity, a 1.5-meter antenna, which in tandem with less powerful antennas is capable of providing communication with the Earth and a transmission capacity of up to 1.6 Mbps. According to preliminary estimates, the mission will last until 2023 with a possible extension until 2025.

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