» » Japan enters the race for the exploration of the moon

Japan enters the race for the exploration of the moon

agency reported.
Japan enters the race for the exploration of the moon

Japan plans to send its own miniature research probe to the lunar orbit in the next five years, the Japan Aerospace Research Agency reported. They plan to launch the satellite with the help of the Japanese solid propellant three-stage rocket Epsilon.

According to the agency, the sending of the probe is associated with increased activity in obtaining benefits in the exploration of the moon between many countries. Back in 2019 Japan officially announced its readiness to join the US lunar program and launch a research station in its orbit and is developing possible options for sending cargo ships there.

Also in 2019 the Toyota automaker announced a joint development with the Japanese Agency of the lunar rover, which should have a full life support system and the possibility of long journeys on the lunar surface without spacesuits.

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