» » UAE launches probe on Mars

UAE launches probe on Mars

UAE launches probe on Mars

If the situation in the world stabilizes, already this summer three new interplanetary vehicles will fly to Mars, the device from China, the USA, and one of them will be the first Arab interplanetary probe.

Earlier this year, the United Arab Emirates completed the assembly of the spacecraft as part of a program in which the launch of the ship was scheduled for July this year. What is noteworthy, the UAE has delved so much into space exploration that in less than a year they have already made a second breakthrough in the region. The first is the flight of the first astronaut from the UAE - Hazzaa Al-Mansouri, on board the Soyuz Russian rocket in September 2019 and the subsequent week-long stay on board the International Space Station.

The project was called “Hope”, it was not chosen by chance, the Arab people hope that there will come a time in which scientific knowledge can freely spread among the peoples, and that the era of a brighter future will begin for the Islamic people.

All three missions to Mars will be launched through the window when the distance between the planets is minimal and the flight duration of the Emirates Mars mission will be about eight months. The main tasks that the apparatus faces are studying the atmosphere of the red planet, within two years information will be collected and analyzed on the structures of the atmospheric layers, how the atmosphere interacts with the planet’s surface and how quickly Mars loses it.

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