» » Due to a pandemic, observatories and telescopes stop working

Due to a pandemic, observatories and telescopes stop working

Due to a pandemic, observatories and telescopes stop working

The unstable world situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic has led many space missions and observations to stop working. The other day, officially announced information about the termination of the largest telescopes in the Atacama Desert due to the threat of the spread of the virus.

Due to the fact that specialists cannot be in the observatory, all telescopes that for many years collected most of the information about space stopped their work, how this decision will affect the studies that were conducted at the observatory is not yet clear, but most likely it will become large a blow to the world of science.

The ALMA telescope, which is located in Chile, also stopped its work. The European Southern Observatory is gradually reducing all observations, in the observatories Paranal, La Silla and APEX themselves there will be a small number of specialists in case of emergency.

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