» » A new Starship prototype exploded during trials of

A new Starship prototype exploded during trials of

A new Starship prototype exploded during trials of

Tests of the next StarsX from SpaceX failed. During testing at the Texas test site, the third version of the Starship prototype, the SN3 version, designed for flights to Mars, the ship exploded already in the first stages of testing.

It was planned to perform a series of tests on the Earth and in flight, but unfortunately the matter did not reach the flight. Director of the company Ilon Musk in his tweeter noted that the cause of the destruction of the ship could be errors in the test configuration, the exact cause of the accident will be established tomorrow. The initial stage of the test was to check whether the ship could withstand low cosmic temperatures using liquid nitrogen, for this the ship's hull was filled with liquid gas and it could not withstand the load.

This is not the first failed test of the Starship prototype, in February the SN1 version failed, it did not pass the pressure test and literally jumped 300 meters, and in November last year the Mk1 prototype could not pass the leak test and also exploded.

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