» » NASA announced a new mission to study the Sun

NASA announced a new mission to study the Sun

NASA announced a new mission to study the Sun

NASA’s website announced a new SunRISE mission that will help study the Sun and its activity, help to learn the effect of solar storms on interplanetary space, spacecraft and develop a system for protecting astronauts on long interplanetary flights.

The Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment mission was among the two final applications for the Opportunity mission presented in 2017. After 11 months of a thorough study of the mission concepts, in February 2019 NASA extended the term for the study and study of the details of the project, and in March 2020 it received funding in the amount of $ 62.6 million for the development, assembly and launch of the devices.

Mission equipment - 6 small cubesats, one of them backup, powered by solar panels, will be sent to geosynchronous earth orbit with a rocket no earlier than July 2023. The devices will be located at a distance of about 10 km from each other and will simultaneously monitor solar activity and observe radio images in the low-frequency range.

Thanks to the synchronous operation of the devices, specialists will be able to create a three-dimensional map on which bursts of solar matter will be visible and how it will be distributed further in outer space. Scientists will also be able to understand and visualize the lines of the Sun's magnetic field propagating in interplanetary space, study the Sun in a spectrum that is not visible due to the earth’s ionosphere, and obtain data inaccessible to other solar missions.

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