» » Mathematicians have concluded that the universe has consciousness

Mathematicians have concluded that the universe has consciousness

Mathematicians have concluded that the universe has consciousness

The question of how the brain generates subjective experience is the most difficult of all. Mathematicians think that they can help answer it, but their first attempts to do this gave some stunning conclusions.

They call it the “unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics.” The physicist Eugene Wigner coined the phrase in the 1960s to express the curious fact that simply by manipulating numbers we can describe and predict all kinds of natural phenomena with startling clarity, from planetary movements and strange the behavior of fundamental particles before the consequences of a collision between two black holes at a distance of billions of light years.3-3-317.3-3-316 Now some people wonder if mathematics can succeed where everything else has failed, confusing what allows us to contemplate the laws of nature.3-3-317.3-3-316 The essence of the new theory based on a mathematical model is that inanimate objects, such as machines, subatomic particles, and even our entire Universe, have consciousness.3-3-3-3.3-3-3-316. a model known as the General Information Theory of Consciousness (ICIT). 3-3-317. 3-3-316. The question of how matter gives rise to sensory experience is one of the most unpleasant problems that we know about and if we want to achieve an accurate description of consciousness, we will have to admit that all kinds of n animate matter can be conscious - perhaps even the entire universe.

“This could be the beginning of a scientific revolution,” says Johannes Kleiner, a mathematician at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy in Germany.

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