» » The RAS talked about the upcoming launch of Noah's Ark

The RAS talked about the upcoming launch of Noah's Ark

The RAS talked about the upcoming launch of Noah's Ark

Living organisms, which Russia will launch into space for a month in 2023 on the Bion-M biological satellite, will receive a radiation dose similar to the three-year flight of astronauts aboard the International Space Station, RIA Novosti was told by the head of the radiation safety department of manned space flights of the Institute of Biomedical Biological Problems of the RAS Vyacheslav Shurshakov.

In September, from a Roskosmos document posted on the public procurement website, it became known that the start of the Bion-M biosatellite No. 2 was postponed to 2023. As a source in the space and rocket industry specified then RIA Novosti, the device will be launched in April 2023 with a flight duration of about a month.

"The new Bion-M will fly in a near-earth orbit with an altitude of 800 kilometers. We have not yet launched so high living organisms, apart from turtles flying around the moon," Shurshakov said.

He added that the "residents" of the Russian Noah's Ark for the month of flight will receive the same dose that astronauts receive on the ISS in three years. “This will be a unique experiment. Since the orbit there is higher than that of the ISS, there will be more heavy charged particles that have not fully studied the negative effect on the health of living organisms,” Shurshakov explained.

Earlier it was reported that the Bion-M satellite number 2 will be put into low Earth orbit with an altitude of 800 kilometers to study the influence of space environment on biological organisms. In particular, 75 mice, flies, plants and microorganisms will fly on a satellite. Scientists from France, the USA and Germany are planning to participate in the project.

In April 2013 the Bion-M satellite, No. 1 was launched into orbit, the flight of which lasted a month. Some of the animals on board died due to equipment failure.

In 1973-199611 Bion satellites were launched into space, on which 12 monkeys flew.

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