» » Alien hunters received the first

Alien hunters received the first

Alien hunters received the first

Two half-meter PANOSETI telescopes are installed in the Astrographic dome of the California Observatory. They will search for optical signals from extraterrestrial intelligence.

PANOSETI - short for “Pulsed All-sky Near-infrared Optical SETI” - will consist of 160 telescopes that “comb through” the sky in search of signals from intelligent creatures.

According to the members of the project team, when PANOSETI is finally formed, it will become the first specialized observatory capable of constantly looking for sources of optical or infrared light.

The deployment of two PANOSETI telescopes in the recently refurbished Astrographic Dome at the California Observatory ushers in a new era in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. According to Dan Wertheimer, a participant in the project and chief technologist at the SETI Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley, “When astronomers explore unexplored areas of space, they usually find something surprising that no one has predicted. PANOSETI is able to detect new astronomical phenomena or signals from sentient beings. "

Alien hunters received the first


The goal of the project is to search for very short but powerful signals coming from developed civilizations: “Since they are so short and probably rare, we plan to monitor vast areas of the sky for a long period of time,” says Vertchimer.

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