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Mushroom bush

Mushroom bush

Mushrooms were already pretending to be trees, 3𣛩25. 3-3-3204 hocks. too (see pictures of the day The mushroom tree and The mushroom plun ), and sometimes it begins to seem that they can take any form. The figure shows the mushroom Thamnomyces chamissonis from department Ascomycetes 3-3-3204. , typical [/i] view genus Thamnomyces from Brazil described by German scientist Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg in the year 1820. To name a genus, it is latinized Greek word ?????? - 揵ush, since the mushroom reminded him at the same time of horned mushrooms and shrubbery sponge Stelligera stuposa (see 3-3-3353. photo 3-3-3204.), therefore, the generic name can be translated as 搈ushroom bush or 搈ushroom bush. A species epithet was given in honor of the famous German-French writer and natural scientist of the time Adelbert von Chamisso .

Mushroom bush

Mushroom 3-3-3207. Thamnomyces chamissonis . Photo Danny Newman from mushroomobserver.org

Representatives of the genus 3-3-3207. Thamnomyces [/i] strongly have melanized 3-3-3204. fragile stroma (plexus 3-3-3393. hyphae 3-3-3204. of the fungus on or in which 3-3-3393 are formed. fruiting bodies 3-3-3-304.) of various shapes, bearing 3-3-3395. peritheria 3-3-3204. (semi-closed type of fruiting body) with bags - Aski 3-3-3204. inside. Stroma in fungi of the genus is not only 3-3-399. dichotomously branching (tree-like), as in Thamnomyces chamissonis , but also straight, elongated - up to several tens of centimeters long, with peritations sticking out along the entire length.

In 1901 another German mycologist, 3-3-3105. Alfred Moller , published by the results of his work on the study of morphology 3-3-3207. Thamnomyces chamissonis [/i] in which he described observations of the fungus in natural conditions. He found out that T. chamissonis develops on dry dead wood. At the beginning of the growth of the fungus, its stroma is straight and thin, up to 2 mm in diameter, and after they reach about 7 cm in length, they begin to dichotomously sequentially branch up to 7-8 times. The branches of each next order are thinner and shorter than the previous ones, because of which there is an external resemblance to a shrub. The stroma reaches 12 cm in height, and the ends of its 揵ranches thicken, and single perithecies form in them.

Mushroom bush

Mushroom 3-3-3207. Thamnomyces dendroideus [/i] : A - mature tip of the stroma; B - a cut through the tip of the stroma, perithecy is visible. Mushroom 3-3-3207. Thamnomyces chordalis [/i] : C - stroma with peritheum (length of the scale segment - 1 mm); D - peritheitis (scale - 200 microns); E - a slice through peritheum (scale - 200 microns). Length of scale section: A , B - 100 microns; C - 1 mm; D , E - 200 microns. Images from an article by M. Stadler et al., 2010.3-3r3155. Chemotaxonomic and phylogenetic studies of Thamnomyces (Xylariaceae)

In species of the genus 3-3-3207. Thamnomyces [/i] the walls of the bags dissolve inside peritherapy, freeing the mass of 3-3-3167. Ascospores 3-3-3204. , which, when ripe, is squeezed out of a special hole - ostioli - in the form of a thin vertical rod. Therefore, in herbarium material, peritheum usually turns out to be empty and crowned on top with a thick black lid of extruded spores.

Mushroom bush

Life-size drafts of species of the genus 3-3-3207. Thamnomyces [/i] with tree stroma: T. chamissonis, T. dendroideus, T. camerunensis . Perithecies and their sections, as well as ascospores (magnification 660x) are shown. Images from an article by R. W. G. Dennis, 1957. Further notes on Tropical American Xylariaceae

Probably due to the fact that the spores are 3-3-3207. Thamnomyces [/i] not adapted to spread by the wind, bush mushrooms have very limited habitats: they grow only in some regions of South America and one species in Africa.

Drawing from the book 揌orae physicae Berolinenses , 1820.3-3r3209.

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