» » Sights of Istanbul - on the interweaving of two cultures

Sights of Istanbul - on the interweaving of two cultures

Istanbul - a place, without exaggeration, a grandiose. Not only has the city of the world experienced such a rich history and witnessed the rise and fall of empires. Once, in ancient times, Istanbul was called Constantinople and played a very important role in the world political and religious arena. From the center of Christianity, he reincarnated in the center of Islam, from the capital of the Roman Empire turned into the main city of the Ottoman Empire.

The current Istanbul - is an interweaving, and very successful, Western and Eastern cultures. It is full of sights, especially in the main square of Sultanahmet, where everything just breathes history. Here you can travel all year. But you will be very lucky if you arrive here in April: Istanbul, which is buried in tulips, is a sight worth seeing. In addition, warm and sunny weather is perfect for visits to various interesting places.

Built in the XIV century by the Genoese as a symbol of the expansion of the colonies of Genoa in Constantinople, the Galata Tower today is the highest point of Istanbul and one of the main attractions. You should climb it, if only because from a height of almost 60 meters you can see the beauty of the Turkish city. The tower became an unusual structure for its time: in addition to being located on the highest hill in Istanbul, its height for the XIV century was very impressive.

For the interior of the Blue Mosque, ceramic tiles of white and blue colors were used with plant images, thanks to which the mosque lives up to its name. On the walls, to which believers are turned during prayer, there are more than 200 windows with stained glass windows - they were specially made by Venetian masters. Unfortunately, some of them have not survived until our time and have been replaced. There are beautiful hand-woven carpets on the floor.

The famous Topkapi Palace, built in the XV century by the decision of Sultan Mehmet, remained the main palace for the rulers of the Ottoman Empire until 1924, when Turkey became a republic, and it was turned into a museum. This is one of the most visited and recognizable sights of Turkey. Until the Middle Ages, the Byzantine Palace was located on the site of Topkapi, which was subsequently demolished. In terms of architecture, the palace is diverse, as it often suffered from fires and destruction in different epochs, so the repairs were carried out according to the preferences of a particular time.

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