» » The methane bubble in Baikal was taken from space

The methane bubble in Baikal was taken from space

The methane bubble in Baikal was taken from space

Roscosmos posted on its Instagram page a picture of a methane bubble under the ice of Lake Baikal. The picture was taken by the Canopus-V Russian spacecraft for remote sensing of the Earth. The device now monitors the accumulation of methane under the ice of Lake Baikal.

- The satellite is equipped with two cameras: panchromatic with a spatial resolution of 2.1 m and multi-zone, operating in four spectral ranges from blue to near infrared and allowing you to receive images with a spatial resolution of 10.5 m. They timely notify terrestrial services of natural disasters that are emerging on Earth - Roscosmos reports.


Most users in the comments were interested in what the formation of such large methane bubbles would lead to. Immediately, in the comments, they reassure people that global consequences will not happen: “Nothing. This is natural gas, methane bubbles form in ice in winter ”,“ As a rule, to a sharp rupture of ice within a few hours. And if you don’t detect it in time, you can fail there, which has already happened more than once. ”

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