» » Evolution has taught people to create reality, and not see the world as it really is

Evolution has taught people to create reality, and not see the world as it really is

Evolution has taught people to create reality, and not see the world as it really is

Evolution has taught people to build reality, and not to see the world as it really is. Perception is not an objective reality. Example: the image above is still and flat just try to say it to your brain.

UCI cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman applies this concept to the entire human mind - as we see, think, feel and interact with the outside world. And he thinks that we are looking at all this incorrectly.

“I'm interested in understanding human conscious experience and its connection with the activities of our bodies and brains when we interact in our environment, and this includes the technical task of building computer models that mimic it, so I’m working on creating a model that explains consciousness”, He says.

Modern scientific approaches suggest that there is a pattern of nervous activity that makes us experience things like the taste of a nut or the appearance of red. But, says Hoffman, there are no formal theories to explain this.

“As a scientist, I propose a theory, and then try to prove its fallacy, to verify its validity,” he says. “Since there is no mathematical theory to explain the pattern of neural activity that creates consciousness, this may mean we are making a false assumption.“ Instead, he argues that consciousness creates neural activity — that people evolved to see what is needed for survival. Perception, he says, is a user interface, but not necessarily a reality.3-3-320.3-3-319 Hoffmann's work has attracted the attention of those in the scientific and spiritual communities who are trying to understand the qualities that human torture to humanity. In 1998 he published the book Visual Intelligence, which introduced 35 rules governing the perception of lines, color, shape, depth, and movement. The book explains how people process two-dimensional images to create a three-dimensional environment, or how people use eyesight to build a world around them.The concept that comes from evolutionary psychology is that people have adapted in a certain way over time in order to survive and prosper.

He gives lectures on this subject in his undergraduate psychology courses, and he believes that people can perceive the world as they need it, and not as it really is.

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